Sargis: Hello what is your name?

Astghik: Hello my name is Astghik and what is your name?

Sargis: My name is Sargis. How are you?

Astghik: I am fine thank you and how are you?

Sargis: I am fine too.

Astghik: How old are you. I am 8 years old.

Sargis: I am 10 years old. Who is that boy over there.

Astghik: I don’t know. Do you know?

Sargis: No I don’t know too.

Astghik: Who is that girl over there?

Sargis: She is my sister.

Astghik: Can you describe her?

Sargis: Yes. She is tall she is 6 years old, she has green eyes, black long hair, she is kind.

Astghik: Thank you. Bye.

Sargis: Bye.

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