1.Aram always plays football whit his friends on Sundays. 2. I am wearing a white blouse now. 3. My father is not watching TV now. He is sleeping on the sofa. 4. Lena and Hasmik often go for a walk on Saturdays. 5. Do you go to school on Sundays? No, I don’t go to school Sundays. 6. Is Vahan drinking tea now? Yes, Vahan is drinking tea whit his brother in the kitchen now. 7. I don’t drink coffee in the evening, I drink coffee in the morning. 8. Are you reading a book now? No, I am not reading a book, I am listening to music now. 9. When do you usually do your lessons? 10. Where are they going now? They are going to the cinema to watch an interesting movie.

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