— What’s your name? My name is Astghik
— Where are you from?   I am from Armenia
— Where do you live?      I live in Yerevan
— What school are you learning?   I study at Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educomplex
— What class are you in?    I am a 4th grader

-Where do you study? I study at South school.
— What’s your date of birth? I was born on the 8th of June in 2012
— What are your hobbies? My hobbies are art, movies.
— What do you like doing in your free time? I watch TikTok in my free time.
— Are you on Facebook? No, I am not on Facebook
— Could I take your phone number? Yes, my phone number is 099075527
— Can you play tennis /football, basketball. No I can’t play this games
— What kind of films/food do you enjoy? I like watch cartoons and comedies.

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