The children are playing in the yard now.

My sister waters the flowers every day.

Father reads newspapers in the evening.

Della is writing the exercises now.

They always swim in the lake in summer.

Bob is at home now. He does his lessons.


They are writing dictation now.

He plays computer games every day.

Do he watching TV now?

What he doing now?

We aren’t go to school on Sundays.

They aren’t listening music now.


The children are running in the yard-are children running in the yard?

We write tests on Tuesdays-Does we write test on Tuesdays?

He is answering the questions now-is he answering the questions now?

Kate’s grandmother tells interesting stories-Do Kate’s grandmother tells interesting stories?

My sister water the flowers in the morning-Do my sister water the flowers in the morning?

They have got a cat-Does they have got a cat?

Pete has dinner at three o’clock-Do Pete has dinner at three o’cloock?

My uncle can swim well-Can my uncle swim well?

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