1. Do they like fish? No, they don’t
  2. Do you want some juice? Yes, I do.
  3. Is Fatimah sleeping? No, she isn’t
  4. Are they doing their homework? Yes, they are
  5. Do Pete and Sue like pizza? No, they don’t
  6. Does Carmen help her mother? No, she doesn’t

5. A, B or C

He always drinks milk for breakfast. (A)

We usually stay at home in the evening. (A)

She is cooking lunch at the moment. (C)

Why are you always late? (B)

They often go to Spain on holiday. (c\C)

Listen! The birds are sleeping. (A)

6. Present continuous or present simple.

John usually goes to the park every Sunday. He meets his friends and they usually play football. Today John isn’t at the park. Hi is at home. He is helping his father. They are cooking dinner for all the family. It’s John’s mother’s birthday and they are having a surprise birthday party.

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