To eat, to catch, to watch, to go, to help.

I am eating my sandwich now.(Present Cont. Tense)
I sometimes eat sandwiches after my English lessons.(Present Simple)
I ate my sandwich yesterday.(Past Simple)
I will eat my sandwich tomorrow. (Future Simple)

I am catching a fish now.(Present Cont. Tense)
I sometimes catch fish before my lessons. (Present Simple.)
I caught fish 2 hours ago.(Past Simple)
I will catch fish tomorrow.(Future Simple)

I am watching TV now.
I sometimes watch TV.
I watched TV yesterday.
I will watch Tv tomorrow.

I am going to school.
I sometimes go to school.
I went to school on Friday.
I will go to school on Monday.

I am helping my mom.
I sometimes help my mom.
I helped my mom.
I will help my mom.

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