1. She is the girl whose brother is a Hollywood actor.
2. Marianne is the girl whose father is a dentist.
3. The new house which my parents bought is very big.
4. A spoon is something which we use to eat with.
5. Robbie Williams is a singer who has sung in many concerts
6. A doctor is a person who treats ill people.
7. This is the sofa which we bought in May.
8. I like people who are happy and kind.
9. Radiohead is the band which I like best.
10. Kevin is the boy who lives next door.

The dress which Petra bought is beautiful.
Amanda is the the girl who works in a hospital
This is the necklace which I want to buy
I like books which have interesting pictures.
A nurse is a person whose family owns a bakery.
I met two girls who are twins.

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