1. Dad didn’t buy a new car last week
2. Mum always cooks chicken on Mondays.
3. Do you like chips?
4. Mary laved for Italy last month.
5. Do you brush your teeth every night?
6. The boys didn’t play football last Sunday.
7. Did Emily Come to the party?
8. I didn’t watch TV last night.

1. We went to the beach last weekend.
2. Did your mum make a chocolate cake yesterday?
3. Dad doesn’t work on Sundays.
4. He didn’t come to the party last Sunday.
5. My cousins don’t visit us every weekend.
6. Did Julia wear jeans to school yesterday?
7. The children always do their homework in their rooms.
8. I sent Claire an email yesterday afternoon

1.We watched a really good film an the cinema last night.
2. I went to a beautiful exotic island last summer. The weather was very hot.
3. My mother does the shopping every week.
4. I am working at the moment. I can’t come with you.
5. She always brushes her teeth before she goes to bed at night
6. He is upset because he failed his driving test yesterday.

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