1. Peter / go for a walk? Did Peter go for a walk yesterday? Yes, he did.
2. Peter / play golf? Did Peter play golf yesterday? Yes, he did.
3. Peter / write a letter? Did Peter write a letter yesterday? No, he didn’t.
4. Mr and Mrs Page / play golf? Did Mr and Mrs Page play golf yesterday? No, they didn’t.
5. Mr and Mrs Page / wash the car? Did Mr and Mrs Page wash the war yesterday? Yes, they did.


1. Last Sunday, Maria didn’t wake up late.
2. Last Sunday, Maria do her homework.
3. Last Sunday, Maria didn’t speak with her friend, Mary.
4. Last Sunday, Maria didn’t have lunch with her grandparents
5. Last Sunday, Maria took her dog, Fluffy, out for a walk.
6. Last Sunday, Maria helped her mother to make a dinner.

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