There lives a cat. She thinks, “The lion is the strongest of all the animals. It is good to have strong friends. I shall(will) go to the lion and make friends with him”. So the lion and the cat become friends for many, many days. Once they go for a walk together and meet an elephant. The lion begins to fight with the elephant and the elephant kills him. The cat is very sorry. “What shall I do?” she thinks. “The elephant is stronger than the lion. I shall go to the elephant and make friends with him.” So they become friends for many, many days.

Once they go for a walk and meet a hunter. The hunter shoots at the elephant and kills him. The cat is sorry, but she thinks, “The man is stronger than the elephant, I see.” So she asks the hunter, “May I go with you?” “All right, let’s go home together,” he says. They come to the man’s home. His wife meets him and takes his gun from him. The cat sees that and thinks: “Oh, the woman is the strongest of all! She can take the hunter’s gun from him, and he does not fight with her. He does not even say a word!” The man sits down at the table and the woman goes to the kitchen. The cat goes to the kitchen too. She decides to stay with the woman forever.

That’s why you always see a cat in the kitchen at a woman’s feet.

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