1 I watched TV yesterday.
2. I walked two days ago.
3. I tidied my room last week.
4. I dropped the cup four hours ago
5. I watered the flowers yesterday.

1 I talked Jane an hour ago.
2. We played tennis last Sunday.
3. He phoned me two hours ago.
4. It rained yesterday.
5. They travelled by plane last month
6. I walked the dog five hours ago.
7. I listened to music last night.
8. He worked in London last year.
9. We played tennis yesterday.
10. Tim cooked dinner last Monday.

4. Yesterday my family and I visited my grandparents. My mum helped my grandma with the housework. My dad cleaned the windows. My brother and I watched cartoons an TV. Tater, we played outside in the garden. We climbed up the tree to get to the treehouse. We stayed there all afternoon. Then our mum kissed us goodbye and we returned home.

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