The first decorated Christmas tree was in 1521, in Celeste in Alsace, with candles and glass balls. The first public Christmas tree was in France in 1840. The first public Christmas tree was in France in 1840, in England in 1841, in Russia in St. Petersburg in 1852. In 1916, the Synod of the Russian Church forbade decorating a Christmas tree on Christmas Day, considering it a German custom. In 1926, decorating the Christmas tree was completely banned as a “religious remnant”. The tradition was restored on the New Year of 1936. In 2008, a floating Christmas tree with a height of 85 m and a weight of 530 tons was installed in Rio de Janeiro on Lake Lagoa, and the Christmas tree in Mexico City in 2009 reached 110.35 m, the height of a 40-story building (both Christmas trees were registered ” in the Guinness Book of Records”. The main Christmas tree of Armenia is placed in the Republic Square of Yerevan. In 2010, it had a beautiful pyramidal appearance and was 35 m high. Christmas trees are decorated at home, in squares, concert halls and other cultural centers, where happy and fun programs are organized with the participation of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

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