This school’s name is Dilijan International School. The creators of the school are Ruben Vardanyan and his wife in 2014. The members of the board of trustees of the school are prominent representatives of the field of education and business from the USA, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Japan. There are 17 buildings.

1. Main building (13180 m²)

2. Sport building (6300 m²)

3. Technical building (456 m²)

4. Parking (470 m²)

5. Medical building (368 m²)

6. Accommodation for students 1 (5000 m²)

7. Accommodation for students 2 (5000 m²)

8. Accommodation for students 3 (5000 m²)

9. Accommodation for students 4 (5300 m²)

10. Accommodation for students 5 (5750 m²)

11. Multifunctional center (2400 m²)

12. Building 37 (445 m²)

13. Auxiliary area of ​​the sports building (2200 m²)

14. Art center (5273 m²)

15. Main hall (1990 m²)

16. Staff accommodation 1 (5000 m²)

17. Staff accommodation 2 (5000 m²)

In one of this buildings is Samsung inovation campus. It is one time in week at saturday. And my brother is going here. He is happy that he go here and he said to me.

-There is pool, football field, and more, and our teacher said that we will go to pool one day.

In the international school of Dilijan, it is planned that the academic year will last 274 days, and the hollydays will be 91 days. For one year teaching there you need to pay 30000$.

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